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Festive Felt Countdown Calendar™

Festive Felt Countdown Calendar™

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Reusable Pockets

Festive Felt Countdown Calendar™ has durable felt pockets that can be reused year after year. Each pocket can hold a small surprise or treat for each day leading up to Christmas.


Holiday-themed Decorations:

Adorn the Festive Felt Countdown Calendar™ with festive and charming holiday decorations such as snowflakes, stockings, or miniature ornaments. This adds a decorative touch to your home during the Christmas season.



Personalization Options

Provide spaces on the calendar for personalization, allowing individuals to add their own small notes, personalized messages, or even small gifts for a more customized and special countdown experience.




Easy Wall Hanging

Ensure that the calendar is designed for easy hanging on the wall, making it a convenient and eye-catching addition to any room. This feature allows it to become a focal point in your home during the holiday season.


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